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My script used as an example of the process...

Posted by Eric Johnson on December 21, 2011 at 5:00 PM

Check out this post by AC Editor Mark Heike on the AC website:

In this news item, Mark partly answers the question "What does a comic book editor do?" with an example.

You'll see how Mark advises artist Dan Gorman to alter his approach to drawing page one of an upcoming story I wrote.   It's a great example of the collobrative nature of comic book production, as Mark advises Dan to deviate from drawing exactly what I wrote, and re-interpret the scene to serve the story better.

A quick little "behind the scenes" peek at the process of making comic books work, for those who are interested.   I feel a little bad that it's my script that causes the artist difficulty. But it becomes a good learning experience, at least.

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