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Posted by Eric Johnson on May 12, 2012 at 2:35 PM


I  just made a donation to The Hero Initiative.

It's a great charity that helps support elderly comic book creators with a safety net.


 A lot of the great comic book creators of years past don't get to share in the bounty of royalties and residuals from the latest movie mega-hit or toy tie-in, because back in those days, the creators and creative types were "work-for-hire" and there was no way for them to get "a piece of the pie".  Plus they were freelancers of a sort.   That type of work has it's benefits, but it also means no pension plan, etc in most cases.


Given the huge success of The Avengers in the past two weeks, it's good to take a moment and realize a lot of people who helped build companies like Marvel, and laid the groundwork for the rich continuity that made this movie possible, didn't share in the big financial windfall.   I'm sure most of them have few regrets, and love the time they spent and what they accomplished.  But, some of them find themselves in tough positions later in life, and that's what the Hero Initiative is for, providing a safety net.


So, if you've got a moment, visit The Hero Initiative website ( ), and watch a video or two about what they do.   

They take donations, but they also sell some cool comic books and merchandise.


So, if you like comic books, browse the store, see if you see something you like.


Times are tight for everyone, so, of course, not everyone can donate, shop the store, or buy a membership.   But, consider spreading the word about this charity a little among fellow comic book fans for superhero genre fans.  With the Avengers breaking box office records, it's a good time to remember the older professional comic book creators who got us here.



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