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Cherry Capital Con Report

Posted by Eric Johnson on May 30, 2012 at 12:35 AM


Back from my vacation.  The weekend at the end of the vacation included having an Artist's Alley booth at Cherry Capital Con (or C3) in my hometown of Traverse City.


Cherry Capital Con website:


Was a fun experience again.  Sold enough copies of the FemForce issues with my stories to cover the booth costs plus a little extra.  Of course, I spent more than that in con swag.


Sat next to Andy Budnick, who was a very nice guy.  

I got a nice commission from him of Garganta which I will post on my website once I get is scanned.

Check him out, he may get work from Marvel in the future:


Booth on the other side of me was SidequestComic, a webcomic.  Also nice people.  And they sold a lot of sketch cards from what I saw.

It's good have pleasant neighbors, makes the con go better.


I bought a print of a picture of the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond which was really well done.  After sitting across from the pic on display the whole con, couldn't resist. Bought it from Rachel Kaiser, who's a really talented illustrator.

She's  on DeviantArt at:

(sadly, looks like the pic I bought isn't on her gallery yet.)


Also bought a copy of the first printed collection of the webcomic Punching the Clock.   Rob Humphrey, one of the co-creators, did a great job organizing the con.  And they were in the Artist Alley right behind me.  (See a pattern of how proximity was increasing my purchases?)


Was a bummer that a few weeks before the con, Gail Simone cancelled. :(  Hope they can get her in future years.  


Talked to a few people throughout the con. Fair number of people stopped by and asked questions, browsed comics.  As a writer I don't have the same immediate visual draw as an artist who can put samples that might "grab" passer-bys.  Although, I did notice a lot of eyes being caught by Stephanie Heike's cover to Gargantarama #5 (flipside cover to FemForce #141):  ;


I do think foot traffic was down a bit on Sunday, due to a huge storm that hit Traverse City that morning, taking out power in some areas, even blowing trees into the roads.  I think a lot people just stayed home.  


Got a fair amount of writing done while sitting behind the booth.  Handwrote a script for a 12 page comic story, and outlined about 5 other stories (give or take).  Might be a surge in my submissions to AC soon.


On Sunday I put 5 bucks into the "please donate a dollar" fundraiser for the Autism Research Newtork at the con, and won 1st price in the Raffle!

Prize was a piece of original Ryan Stegman art, already framed.  Most cool.  It's a He-Man riding Battle Cat.

The pic I've got the original to is shown here:

Ryan Stegman on Deviant Art:


That's my con report.  Thanks for reading if you go this far!

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