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Guess it's time to declare this thing open...

Posted by Eric Johnson on May 20, 2010 at 12:03 PM

Well, here it is.  I've got a website.

Most who come here should have at least *some* idea as to who I am.   A hypothetical visitor at this stage is either friend, family, or someone following a link from my sig file from another website of mutual interest. So, probably not a lot of fresh, vibrant, and new content for most people.  But it is some information nicely arranged in one place. 

Still a bit of work to do, such as on the Links section. I've got to ask a lot of artists for permission to link to their sites, for example.

Still, it's satifying to be able to declare this website "mostly done".

Now, the blog section...  Let's see how close to once-a-day posting I can get for a while....

The journey of a thousand miles beings with a single step.  Guess that makes this a single step.

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