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FemForce #155 is out!

Posted by Eric Johnson on February 18, 2011 at 8:39 PM

The latest issue of FemForce is now available in the AC comics webstore.

Issue #155 of FemForce (or known as Gargantarama #18 on the flip-book side) is up for purchase here:

Again, this issue has two stories with my writing contributions.  Script work on the Yankee Girl story.  And both plot and script to the Humonga vs. Garganta story.

If you buy the issue, you can read my stories!  Then you can tell me if my dialouge in the WW2-era Yankee Girl story is corny!  Or complain to me about the puns in the witty banter in the Humonga vs. Garganta fight!

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