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Angie Harmon as She-Hulk?

Posted by Eric Johnson on June 19, 2012 at 1:05 PM

Angie Harmon, known to many as "one of the Law and Order actresses" wants to play She-Hulk in an Avengers sequel.


While I won't get my hopes up that Hollywood would do that... I think it would work.

Angie Harmon could certainly be Jen Walters and do the lawyer-speak. Then CGI her for She-Hulk, just like with the Hulk, make her taller and stronger-looking.


And Ms. Harmon seems to have enthusiasm for the role, which helps.

See her comments here:



I stumbled across this pic on DeviantArt, which illustrates the concept nicely:


Probably would be best to introduce Bruce Banner's lawyer cousin in a Hulk sequel movie, maybe with her near death and origin as the She-Hulk as a big turnaround moment in the movie. It could work. But... I won't get my hopes up.

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