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FemForce #160 is published!

Posted by Eric Johnson on June 14, 2012 at 2:15 PM

Available in the AC webstore, and coming "soon" to a comic book store near you (depending on Diamond shipping times, etc)


Link to comic description on AC website is here:


First story of interest my latest Marla Allison story, "Growing for the Gold". It's a 10 pager with Marla using her giantess superpowers for petty, personal reasons (not exactly shocking, for her character. )


I've seen some of the preview pages of the Marla story, with art by Dan Gorman, and I'm liking how it looks.


some preview and behind the scenes development of "Growing for the Gold" were posted by AC in this article:


Second story in this issue that I wrote is a Stardust story, called "Satellite of Hate".


This story is discussed in this article by Mark Heike


I'm really looking forward to this issue. Beyond having written them, I *LIKE* these two

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