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From a note I recently sent someone...

Posted by Eric Johnson on May 30, 2010 at 3:22 PM

Here's an little chunk out of a note I just sent someone:


Ever been exchanging correspondence with someone, then something comes up, you have a bunch of bad days in a row, and totally can't get back to it?

Then, you resolve to get back to the time-delayed conversation, but there's a slight additional delay as you get your thoughts back together. Then you think you better take the time to come up with a really long, detailed response to make up for the drop in conversation?

Then, you fall further behind, and the person has other posts and stuff you should respond to, but you tell yourself you can't, not until you write that really long first response to the first thing you *Promised* yourself you'd get done?

Then the list of things the person posts gets longer and longer, but you just can't bring yourself to post a one word or one sentence response. Not when you should write this person a whole letter first....


This is how I fall out of touch with people on the internet for a while.  It's a pattern I've done before.

I bet I could make it a pattern with blogs too, if I'm not careful.

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