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Arc 5909: "Amazon Avatars"

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Promotional poster art and design by Rob Banbury.

Rob Banbury on Deviant Art

 If you'd like to see the promo poster at bit larger size:

 Amazon-Avatars promo poster at Rob Banbury's dA site

Discussion Thread for Amazon-Avatars on the City of Heroes Forums

(Warning!  Spoilers may abound) City of Heroes Forums - Amazon-Avatars



Reviews and Comments

Prolific Mission Architect Reviewer "PoliceWoman" had this to say about Amazon-Avatars:

"I like the mythological premise, and I think this is exactly the sort of plot the Knives of Artemis would love to enact. The dialog is very good and I particularly like how each of the goddess-avatars has their own personality and opinion of the situation. I thought the hook for why you're doing the first two missions was a little weak and could be improved, but the last three missions were all quite good.

I gave this story 5 stars."
Here's the forum post with her full review (warning: Very detailed review, full of spoilers)
Also, note that there have been changes to the arc since PoliceWoman's review with it's excellent proofreading..  PoliceWoman's Review of "Amazon-Avatars" on CoH Forums
Here's some of the comments I've received from in-game messages about the storyarc:
(names of commenters redacted for privacy)
[Tell] 2009-04-22 20: 16:04 Message From @***** : Feedback on Architect Mission Amazon-Avatars: WOW. Not only did you make a Malta/Knives arc that makes sense, you also made it ENJOYABLE. This is what MA should be about!!! Aside from one typo in the 4th mission, this was FLAWLESS! 
[Tell] 2009-05-22 17: 41:43 Message From @****** ****** : Feedback on Architect Mission Amazon-Avatars: Superbly done. excellent atmosphere, clues and very good plotline. I especially enjoyed the Athena and Aphrodite dialogue, as wella s the thematics in the final mission. 5/5 stars
[Tell] 2009-07-22 10: 11:52 Message From @****** ****** : Feedback on Architect Mission Amazon-Avatars: Alright, tried again and I gotta say that was awesome. The patrol dialogue was enriching and fun. Aphrodite's zerg rush ambush was a bit tricky until I applied every AoE I could think of. Artemis wasn't too hard with the provided allies (Nice touch using Octarine, though there's a typo in his dialogue, "stuided") If the devs don't consider this worthy of Dev's Choice, there is no justice. 


Art for Amazon-Avatars

In addition to the promo poster I commissioned from Rob Banbury for this storyarc, there's another piece of artwork based on "Amazon-Avatars"

City of Heroes player "Projectionist" ran a contest for Mission Architects.  He'd play the stories submitted, and the top ten that he liked most would get artwork from him as a prize.

I got 5th place for Amazon-Avatars, and that qualified me for a single character colored piece of original art!  Pretty darn good prize for having 4 people finish ahead of me!

Here's the link to the pic on his DeviantArt page:

Artemis pic by Projectionist / Funny Face Design on DeviantArt

And here's the link to the contest results:

Projectionist's Mission Architect Contest / City of Heroes Forums