Eric Johnson Comics


Promotional Poster art for Escalation

Art by Rob Banbury.

Promotional Poster Art for Amazon-Avatars

Art by Rob Banbury.

Contest Art for Amazon-Avatars

City of Heroes player and artist "Projectionist" / FunnyFace Designs ran a contest where good AE arcs in COH won free art, and I got this one!


"Ending Screen" Art for Escalation arc



This artwork was commissioned from Rob Banbury, and if you finished the Escalation arc, the souvenir text had a link to this piece of art.   Idea was it would be like those end graphics pics on old video games.

 It's a great piece of art, but it does give away the nature of the "escalation" in the story line.


Larger version here:  Escalation Reward Art on Rob Banbury's DA Page 

Escalation sketches by Jean Sinclair

To celebrate hitting 500 plays on my Escalation arc, I commissioned Jean Sinclair to draw all 5 stages of development of Dr. Erica Lashion's clone bodies.  And one more of what her robot minion.






Fan Art renders by HotRod5

After playing the Escalation arc with his character La Femme Punisher, in City of Heroes, HotRod5 from DeviantArt made these two 3D computer renders.