Eric Johnson Comics


Marla Allison Advertising by Jean Sinclair

Marla Allison, aka Humonga, star of several Gargantarama stories.

 Here she is, doing what she does best, self-promotion.

 Art by Jean Sinclair.


Jean can be found on the web at his Deviant Art website:

And here's a colored version!  Colors by Darcsyde001, a friend of mine on Deviant Art.


Marla Stops Traffice by Eric Alan Nelson

And another commission of Marla Allison.  This time by Eric Alan Nelson, who's also drawn some stories for AC Comics and Gargantarama.


More of Eric Nelson's art can be seen at his Deviant Art page, but *Warning*:  some Not Safe for Work material on his page, so his page isn't for everyone.  I won't put up a direct link, but it's not hard to find, if you type it in yourself.

Marla in Hollywood

Here's Marla in Hollywood.  Art by Jean Sinclair.  Colors by my friend Marian.



Marla tributes to the blonde bombshells

Here's some commissions of Marla looking at bit like her role models.

Pencils by Jean Sinclair.  Colors by Darcsyde. 

 Pic of Marla in a Marilyn Monroe pose. 

 And Marla with Too Tall Tara of the FemForce, in an image paying tribute to an iconic photograph of Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield.