Eric Johnson Comics


Character Appearances Guide

AC has let me write some characters in their comic book world.

This page will track appearances of those characters in AC Comics, including appearances in earlier issues before I wrote them. 

Marla Allison  a.k.a.  Humonga

FemForce #63  1st appearance.  Pre-superpowers.  Actress rival of Garganta.  Written by Bill Black.

FemForce #64  Part 2 of first story. Pre-giantess.  Written by Bill Black.

FemForce #102  In backup story of this issue, Marla becomes a giantess.  Written by R. Lee Brown.

FemForce #103  Part 2 of Marla's "origin" in backup story.  Written by R. Lee Brown.

FemForce #138  "Attack of the 5'6" Woman" by Eric Theriault and Mark Heike . Shrunken burgler.

FemForce #141  "The Trials of Humonga" by Eric Johnson.  My first Marla story. Getting out of jail.

FemForce #142 "Big Business" by Eric Johnson.   Marla sets up her business empire.

FemForce #144  "The Big Meeting" by Eric Johnson.  Marla meets Dr. Madalyn Macabre.

FemForce #149  Marla has a one panel cameo as a music video in this issue.  By Stephanie Heike. 

FemForce #155 "Making a Big Scene" by Eric Johnson.  Marla vs. Garganta on a movie lot.

FemForce #158  "Big Temper" by Eric Johnson.  Marla vs. Tara in public appearances.

FemForce #160  "Growing for the Gold" by Eric Johnson. Marla's efforts to win a gold statue. 

Gammazon Housewife / Kar'ri Conquest

Appearances of the Gammazons before Gammazon Housewife stories

FemForce #1 and #2 / Secret Origin of the FemForce.  Amazon tribe later revealed to be Gammazons.

FemForce #43 and #44  The Gammazons invade earth

Appearances by Kar'ri 

FemForce #142  "I Married a Gammazon" by Eric Johnson

FemForce #151  "Gammazon Housewife" by Eric Johnson 

FemForce #156  "Maternal Instincts" by Eric Johnson

Ali Bastur and Her Forty Feet

Big Uns #1  First story of Ali Bastur and the giant genie Shakurbuti.  Created and Written by Brad Gorby.

FemForce #144   "Unwanted Touching" by Eric Johnson

FemForce #154  "Itchy and Scratch-urbuti" by Eric Johnson 


FemForce #141  Origin story.  Written and created by Eric Johnson

FemForce #152  "Service Outage" by Eric Johnson

FemForce #159  "Un-gentleman Caller" by Eric Johnson 

Queen Drusilla

Big Uns #1  Queen Drusilla's first appearance.  Created and written by Mark Heike.

Big Uns #2  Part 2 by Mark Heike 

FemForce #151 "The Return of Queen Drusilla" by Eric Johnson 

Key Garganta Appearances

FemForce #30  Origin story, limited giantess time, written by Bill Black

FemForce #32  Basically "Part 2" of Garganta's first appearance.  Written by Richard "The Count" Rome

FemForce #43/44 Garganta returns during Gammazon invasion.  Written by Bill Black.

FemForce #47/48 Meets Stella Stargaze. First use of empathic healing. Brief rampage. By Bill Black

FemForce  #63/64 Meets Marla Allison. Rampage on movie set. By Bill Black

FemForce #88  Rampage in Las Vegas.  Breaks association with Stella Stargaze.

FemForce #102/103  Fights Marla Allison as giantess.  Written by R. Lee Brown

FemForce #138  Solo Garganta story at racetrack.  Written by Mark Heike

FemForce Features: Giantess #1  Solo Garganta story, working at Oceanus One.  By Bill Black.

Garganta's Thrilling Science #1  Solo Garganta story featuring perfume allergy.  By Stephanie Heike.

FemForce #151  Cameo appearance in Gammazon Housewife story. By Eric Johnson

FemForce #152  Featured in "A Matter of Scale" FemForce story. By Eric Johnson

FemForce #155  Giantess catfight with Marla Allison in "Making a Big Scene".  By Eric Johnson

FemForce #156  Another cameo in Gammazon Housewife story.  By Eric Johnson