Eric Johnson Comics


FemForce 158

FemForce has now dropped the Gargantarama flip-book title, to promote the "Agents of N.E.D.O.R." stories on the back cover.

 But there's still stories by me here!

 In this issue, it's a story called "Big Temper" with Tara Fremont ("Too Tall Tara") and Marla Allison ("Humonga") having a few giantess-sized arguments.  It's a fun little story, I think, with the villainess having a conniving (if kinda petty) plot, and the heroine having to be clever and learn a lesson during the length of the story.

One bit of fun I had writing this, was putting in the initial dispute between Tara and Marla, which centers on some political / social issues.  I'm hoping I managed to give each character a distinct point of view and write those views well.  If I accomplished my goal, you won't be able to tell which viewpoint I agree with just from the story.