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FemForce 160

FemForce #160 is one I'm going to remember for a while.

First, I've got a solo Stardust story, called "Satellite of Hate".  I like that in this story, I got to use aspects of Stardust's character beyond just being a superheroine.  The fact that she's an alien, that she's a scientist, and that she works part-time for NASA all comes into play.

 In addition, this story got high praise from Mark Heike, editor of AC Comics, as seen in this article:  Stardust in the Spotlight in 2012 by Mark Heike


The second story is  "Growing for the Gold" starring Marla "Humonga" Allison.  Hey, she may be kind of a supervillain, but Marla is also an actress.  So, how far will the big gal go to get a golden statue?  Quite far, actually.