Eric Johnson Comics


FemForce 141 / Gargantarama 5

Cover art copyright AC Comics 2010
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Big Debut issue for me!  All 3 stories in the Gargantarama section were from my scripts, and I also got to write the dialogue in a story in the FemForce section.

"Circus Freak"  starring Yankee Girl
Plot, pencils, and inks by Gianluca Cerritelli. Script / Dialogue by Eric Johnson

A "flashback" story about Yankee Girl trying to find her way in the modern world after waking up from the Vault of Heroes.
Scriptwriter's note:  This was a fun experience.  I had to add on dialogue to Gianluca's fully completed art pages.  I had all the visuals, then I had to add on words that made sense after the fact!

"Trials of Humonga"
Written by Eric Johnson, art by Rock Baker and Paul Wills

My first story with Marla Allison, aka Humonga.  B-movie-star-turned-giantess and rival to the superheroine Garganta.  This character showed up in earlier issues of FemForce.  It was fun to take her out of the background and give her more stories.

Written by Eric Johnson, art by Quinton Bedwell and Rob Lansley

An original character I created especially for Gargantarama.  She has more stories in future issues.  A heroine with an interesting way of fueling her powers.

"The Ragnarok Vault"
Written by Eric Johnson, art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin

Kinda proud of how this one turned out.  AC needed a few more pages, so Mark asked for a short story.  I wrote this in under a half-hour, and managed to squeeze a decent story into the 3-page limit.