Eric Johnson Comics


FemForce 142 / Gargantarama 6

Cover art copyright AC Comics 2010 
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"Humonga:  Big Business"
Written by Eric Johnson, art by Quinton Bedwell and Rob Lansley

A second Marla Allison story.   Note the incredibly good work by the letterer, Percival Constantine
, squeezing my incredibly over-verbose dialogue!  This one had a lot of talking.  But, the pictures are great too, showing action and humor as the exposition unfolds.  Possibly my story that is best-liked by the giantess fan community.

"I Married a Gammazon!"
Written by Eric Johnson, art by Antoino Rojo and Paul Wills

Picked up a plot thread from the Gammazon invasion all the way back in FemForce issues 43 and 44.  A fun little tale about an 8 foot tall alien amazon.