Eric Johnson Comics


FemForce 147 / Gargantarama 10

Cover art copyright AC Comics 2010

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"Tomb Returners"
Written by Eric Johnson, art by Scott Larson and Jeff Austin

First part of a two part story.  My assignment as a writer was to produce a script that would match the cover image.  So, Firebeam, Miss Masque, and She-Cat fighting a mummy in a tomb.  I'm proud I pulled the elements together (since those characters don't usually work together much) and made it all make sense!

"Cat's Cradle"
Written by Eric Johnson, art by Manny Mederos, Mark Heike and Jeff Austin

Part two of the ladies Egyptian Adventure.  This two-parter was the first time my original plot and script was in the FemForce section rather than in the Gargantarama section.