Eric Johnson Comics


Femforce #154 / Gargantarama #17

Cover art copyright AC Comics 2010 
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This issue included "Ali Batur and Her Forty Feet" in "Itchy and Scratch-urbuti".

Got to have some comedy fun with the characters of Ali Bastur and the genie Shakurbuti, originally created by Brad Gorby.

 Art by the very prolific Rock Baker, who's art style nicely works with the look of the characters as designed by Gorby.

The character premise does lean towards the slightly raunchy.  (A thief from an arabian nights setting turned into a harem girl by an ill-phrased wish, with a forty-foot tall genie released every time her butt gets rubbed.)   I took the premise and ran with it a bit here, in a "PG-13 sex comedy" kind of way.  Some clever wordplay I'm proud of.  And made a point of introducing some new characters to the setting that I'll use if I ever return to this premise.