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Femforce #155 / Gargantarama #18

All images copyright AC Comics 2011.

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Once again, I get to have a story both in the main FemForce section and in the Gargantarama flip-book section of the issue.

 In "The Menace of Baroness Von Schreck", I wrote the script and dialogue to a story already drawn by Italian artist Gianluca Ceritelli.  A World War II era story featuring Yankee Girl, the obscure Golden Age mystery woman Lady Fairplay, and a new character created by Gianluca called Freedom Gale.  This story features a nazi villainess with a small army of super-soldiers trying to kill President Truman in the last days of the war.

 In "Humonga: Making a Big Scene", I finally get a new Marla Allison story out!  This story went through a crazy number of drafts.  The setup and characters of the story changed literally half-a-dozen times.  But, the best core scenes of the story remain after all those revisions, and that's a fight between Humonga and Garganta in the middle of a movie studio lot.